Olinda Brand Values


Olinda Green Tea contains anti-oxidants known as flavanoids that have proven goodness. Let our tea help care for your body, from within, while you relax and rejuvenate with each sip. The perfect cup for the modern lifestyle.


From the trusted name of Eswaran Brothers, our tea is selected only from the best Green tea gardens. A light and fragrant, all natural tasty experience.


Loving our planet is a natural expression of the values that have guided us at Eswaran Brothers over the past 67 years. As the first CarbonNeutral tea company in the world, we make sure that our company is not harming the climate when we make your teabag.

7 Principles of Eswaran Brothers

  • Determination - We never give up. We will keep search for and acquire new levels of excellence and quality. We will always approach a world filled with opportunities with fresh perspectives and determination.
  • Hardwork - Forms the backbone of who we are. No job is too difficult, we will succeed together through hard work. We can and we will succeed.
  • Honesty - Whatever we do will conform to the best ethical practises. Our founder based his entire life on this value above all else and we will uphold it come what may.
  • Courage - We have the courage to do what is right. The courage to be different .
  • Love - We don't want customers and employees and suppliers, we want relationships.We love our tea and that is why we are passionate. We love the pleasure we get when our tea is enjoyed. With the same passion, we will work for our communities and our environment.
  • Patience - We will always reflect on ourselves and our actions at all times. We will show patience and prudence in all our actions.
  • Spirituality - We believe that there is more to life than material gain. We will grow not just in knowledge but also in spirituality.
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Story of Olinda's Seed

Story of Olinda's Seed

The Olinda seed has been used by ancient Sri Lankans to decorate their homes and to bring luck and prosperity during special festivals. The seeds from this precious plant are kept in Sri Lankan homes for good luck and prosperity. From ancient times, Sri Lankans also use the seed for a game called Kaliya at auspicious times like New Years day. Our Olinda tea aims to bring this enjoyment and luck at all times. Medicinally the tree is very valuable. The bark and flowers offer relief from many diseases. Olinda tea is inspired by this fascinating seed. Our teas are made with love and care to ensure that you feel the same satisfaction. Go ahead and bring prosperity home!