Environmental Management (ISO 14001) – Being a responsible, sustainable business is fundamental to Eswaran Brothers. It is a natural expression of the Principles that have guided us throughout our existence. As a company deeply involved in Agriculture, we witness the consequences of Climate Change on a daily basis and our recent efforts have been focused on playing our role in mitigating these effects.
Our Environment Policy  РThe Eswaran Brothers team, as part of its overall sustainable business policy, is committed to protect our environment for future generations. All aspects of our activities will be focused towards minimizing our impact, and ensuring that good, sustainable practices are promoted.
We will strive to conserve natural resources throughout our value chain by training and continuously improving our processes. We will achieve these goals through adherence to, but not limited by, the ISO 14001 standards and other applicable regulatory requirements. Since implementing ISO 14001, we have made significant reductions in energy and water consumption as well as in waste generated throughout Eswaran Brothers. This represents the small steps that we have taken towards increasing the sustainability of our business. Shown below is a summary of our statistics regarding the reductions in the above mentioned aspects.